"Just love yourself!" The world around us expects that we know HOW TO be self loving. But, that's coming from a world that has never taught, nor does it support a practice of inner love, let alone inner kindness.

Self Kindness is seen by many of us as "gross, navel gazing, self absorbed."
This podcast is here to teach you that inner kindness, Self Kindness, is anything BUT self indulgent. That in fact it's the secret to creating a new community of acceptance, service and compassion by beginning with one person - YOU!

Join Pete Sibley as he chats about what is Self Kindness and why is it such a radical and important practice right now?

Pete Sibley is the Self Kindness coach siting down solo and with fellow life travelers who are living the benefits of a inner Self Kindness journey! Sometimes with guests and sometimes solo, through it all Pete shares the discoveries he has made in his own quest to become kind to himself, including overcoming depression, living with ADHD and beating debilitating negative self talk.

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