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Radical Self Trust

Self Trust is asking yourself, "Am I willing to support me...regardless of what happens?" This state of being, understanding how to return to it again and again, is radical and one's life will never be the same when lived from this place. I'm going to share some straightforward ways to do this in this episode, connecting with your authentic self, moving beyond fear AND I play & sing a song live in this episode! "What, support myself even when I have a major failure?" Yes "Support myself when I totally mess up and hurt other people in my life?" Yes "Treat myself with grace when I fall short of my expectations?" Yes

Looks Like We Made It! Speaking to Yourself With Love & Encouragement.

In this episode I share some examples of how speaking to yourself with love and encouragement are SOO powerful and life changing!! Plus I do a little impromptu singing!

It's Now Safe to Be You!

It's safe to experience what you'er currently experiencing. It's safe to have your opinions. It's safe to feel discomfort AS WELL AS happiness. I'll talk about TWO (2) essential aspects of how to begin creating a sense of safety within you. By finding real deal ways that you are safe right now to experience life as it's showing up, you are more available for how it is now safe to be YOU! Authentically, messy, playfully, and deeply!

Time to Fly! Normalizing Self Care & Inner Kindness.

What are you believing that separates you from where you are right now, from where you see you could be? (should be?) I talk about 3 simple steps to begin Normalizing Self Care, Self Kindness & Self Love in your life!

Enough Already!! Radically Healing this World!

I believe I have some answers here. This brings it back to each of us. I believe this is the HOW! I begin with how My Covid, gun violence, my mom’s dementia are all connected It’s time, we’ve had enough

Stop Holding Yourself Back for Other People

You so got this - So STOP holding yourself back for other people!! Rediscover what makes you light up, what speaks to your heart! I'm gonna tell you why we do this, why we put on masks, hide ourselves, don't show up fully AND then how to step out of this cycle to begin deeply allowing you to be big, courageous, beautiful and bold in the world! And Allow other humans to simply have their reaction and opinion!!

Why Hiring A Life Coach Will Change Your Entire Life

In this episode I share with you some results and reasons why hiring a life coach will change your life. By moving you beyond your blocks to achieving new and even what you once thought wasn't even possible. Let's go, let's step into this whole new world!

You Deserve Grace!

What if you truly lived this thought each moment of your day? "I DESRVE GRACE!" This is the great unlearning of our times, unlearning thoughts like: "You should hold yourself back to keep others feeling comfortable, By dimming your colors, others don't feel intimidated, Tamp down those emotions, don’t get hopes up!" Have you ever heard similar thoughts? Time to step into new ones, "I deserve grace!" is a game changer!

Be Your "Next" Best Version of You - Today!

In this episodes I lay out the 3 phases you can begin TODAY that will move you from feeling stuck, uncertain, behind, not making headway, depressed to healing and then connecting with your inner desires to begin living as the next best version of you. I'll describe how the best version of you is never a destination but an orientation, a way of being in the world. The only thing that keeps that Best Version of You from showing up in the world in your own brain, so let's help it Let Go and Let's GO!

Money, Money, Money ... & Self Kindness!

Money. Is there anything else? Oh yeh, there's this whole other thing called life BUT money affects it all...or does it? This is the episode to help you really take a look at your money thoughts and how this inner awareness of kindness, compassion, trust and love plays so much into the narratives around money. You don't want to miss this one - Let me know your experience with money!

Restoration - Healing and Blooming

In this episode I share all the good that is readily available to you when you allow for restoration to occur in your life. I tell you all the benefits that come from restoration and how to partner with your nervous system and with your biggest supporters to make this blooming inevitable - as the best version of you!!

What to Do When It's Hard - Self Advocacy

So in this episode I’m going to walk you exactly through how to go from feeling stuck, trapped, like when it’s all feeling really hard to actually being your own greatest advocate for peace, grace, dreams and desires, ready for this?

Don't Mistake Kindness for Weakness

I'm fired up in this one my friend! Kindness has never meant weakness. Kindness is an aspect of love, compassion, grace, acceptance - what couldn't you do coming from that strength? answer: Nothing! this episode I'm going to bat from Kindness in your life - hear how I walk myself through an experience of DREAD, how I stand firm with my boundaries and how Kindness 10Xs my feeling of gratitude and love!

BONUS - The 'More Grounded, Less Stressed' CLASS

Thursday, March 31st, 5-6pm PST, I'll be teaching a Self Kindness Class It'll be an hour to slow down, focus on you, help shift your inner dialogue in order to create more grounding and less stressing in your life. I’ll be talking about how to be a witness to your feelings, how to allow the inspiration you need to help with overwhelm, growing a capacity in you for anything that lies ahead. This power of your awareness is MASSIVE!

More Grounded & Less Stressed

6 Action steps to live a more grounded & less stressed life with Self Kindness! Plus - info for the upcoming class of the same name! More Grounded & Less Stressed!!

Rest & Play as Essential to Inner Peace

Rest & Play are powerful ways in, powerful catalysts for taking your self kindness, self compassion to the next level! Listen in as I give you the reasons why so many people get blocked when it comes to giving themselves a break and getting the breakthroughs they want with personal growth work.

Christine Stuart - Herbalism, Curiosity & Changing the World!

Christine Stuart takes us on a delightful journey into the world of herbs, plants and reconnecting with the natural world around us. You're gonna want to check out this episode if you want to find peace among the turmoil, want to learn how herbs and plants can be allies in your healing journey, want to reconnect to self trust. She is a certified life coach, experienced herbalist and loyal dog mom who loves talking to plants.

Put Down What You've Been Carrying

Diving into the ways to begin putting down long held stories and narratives that no longer serve us. Plus I talk about two ways to begin today growing your noticing and awareness to prime the pump for a long lasting self kindness practice

Answering "What's the point?" & Ending War

Questioning like this can feel frightening to the mind that doesn’t feel grounded in this moment. It will feel like we’re unraveling your life, but to reclaim your life you must tap into your inner wisdom. In this episode I help walk you through answering that question, "what's the point" and then show how it's related to how we begin to end war on the planet

Self Doubt: Facing It and Diffusing It's Power

Self Doubt is a most challenging, b/c it flies in the face of why you are seeking something like self kindness or self compassion in the first place. Beginning with your awareness you may or may not have watched what the specific thoughts were before, but now, you see them: I don’t know if I can do it, I’m not capable, I’ll mess it up In this episode I'll show you how to: Not be taken over by Self Doubt, and How to actually use self doubt to grow your self trust

Growing Love Bigger than Fear

In this episode I will teach you how to begin to grow your capacity for handling any emotion! You can grow the capacity, I've seen so many clients do this work and I have too! plus, hear a new poem that explores this inward journey!!

Upgrade Your Mind & Give Yourself the Best Life Technology

We’re still running the mental programming from our childhood (the 80s/ 90s for me!!!). Time to UPGRADE! Understanding true cause and effect between the mind and the nervous system, thoughts and emotions, This is just the beginning of the upgrade possibilities! I give 3 upgrades that are available immediately

Carola Fuertes - Love. On The Pathway from Exhausted to Vibrant!

Her message is "Love." Period. Carola Fuertes is a Spiritual/Intuitive Life Coach for professional women who want to move their lives from exhausted to Vibrant! In this episode we talk about living a life that naturally energizes you instead of draining you. Having walked herself through reclaiming the relationship with her own physical body, raising her own energetic vibration and befriended the inner critic - Carola brings her wisdom to this episode for all of us to feel energetically lifted!!

Time to Stop Being Hard on Yourself

Being hard on yourself? This episode is a quick journey to understand why we do this to ourselves and how to begin to create a new way of talking to and supporting ourselves!

It's Safe to Be You - All of You - In the World

If there's one thing I believe all people need to hear is - It's safe to be you. Where couldn’t you go/ do in your life with just the belief, "I feel safe showing up as me!"? It's safe has not been available to so many people over the course of human history, whether it was b/c of what they looked like, what gender they were, their beliefs, or for hundreds of other questionable reasons. This virus has infected us all on some level. So today, it's all about hearing that it's safe to be you!

The Next Level Requires Feeling Emotions & It's Not What You Expected

Numbing feelings is the NORM - so is feeling stuck, overwhelmed, ashamed, angry at yourself, afraid things will turn out bad, anxious…What’s going on here? Each day we have thoughts, we have feelings, we interact with those thoughts and feelings - and we call this our life. Emotions are the time for heightened awareness - and it’s usually the time we want to numb out, turn off, run away. In this episode I'll show you how to stay, grow and even up level your entire life simply by being willing to FEEL your emotions.

Reclaiming You - When You're Sick & Tired of the Facade!

It freakin' sucks to have a brain that poops on you all day long! I remember my brain just always making me feel like I was stuck in a catch-22, no right way out, I constantly felt like any moment my life would come crashing down, it becomes exhausting holding up the façade! That's why I preach Self Kindness all day long! It's not a little thing, it's THE thing that changed, and continues to change, everything in my life.

BONUS - Reclaiming Me time - an upcoming class

It hurts b/c you’ve tried to fit into something that was never designed for your unique qualities and brain. You’ve been afraid b/c of being “kicked out” by those you love and care about. The spinning out comes from trying to make a system work that was designed to create fear, scarcity and rivalry. Are you done!? It’s possible to RECLAIM the unique YOU that you are, and begin today aligning your life, your nervous system, your self talk with YOUR TRUTH! plus - details for the upcoming Reclaiming Me time class

Life Beyond Fear

Did you know, we've been taught to fear love because of its unconditional nature? In this episode I ask, "What does it mean to feel safe to be you?" I also talk about why fear is nothing to be afraid of, it's a natural part of being human, just like laughter or digestion. It's the stories we pile upon it that make it so powerful. And yes, we've piled stories onto love as well, and equated the worst of our fears with loving big in the world.

Throw Yourself a Party - Why it's Important to Celebrate YOU!

What if you threw a party for yourself? A party for what you did this year, the growth you experienced, the person you’ve become! Would you be excited to tell and invite people? Or Would you be ashamed? Would you be disappointed, judgy, or resentful? Or would you be proud, into it, celebratory?! In this episode we're talking about Normalizing celebration in your life, which can be a game changer, especially celebrating YOU!

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