Hi, I’m Pete Sibley, a Self Kindness Life Coach. I have nearly two decades of experience studying with and facilitating others in thought work, including shifting my own life & mind, from depression into living a self loving & growth mindset life. In that time I’ve helped clients with career choices, money stress, overwhelm, personal self worth, debilitating self talk, physical pain, becoming better and more patient parents, spouses, teachers, managers, therapists, doctors and following their own dreams and desires into unimaginable lives from where they began. What will come up is resistance from your own mind! Most clients see immediate results from their first session in doing self kindness thought work, however, the practice is learning how to hold that new understanding in a mind that has been trained for decades to think and see the world otherwise. I’m going to help you hold that understanding, show you how your mind will use your own thoughts against your growth. I will teach you how to meet the fears, the uncomfortable that inevitably arises. The benefit of doing this work is you begin to understand and see the value of becoming someone who knows how to: feel fully their emotions, rather than buffering, numbing, or avoiding. First, you’ll see how quickly you begin to move through uncomfortable feelings and second, you actually become more accepting of when they do show up as part of the goals you want to see in your life. I’m going to give you the tools to become your best self mentor and supporter all while coming from a place of self trust, a sense of calmness and self kindness. I’ve seen this work for so many, including myself, that I know it’ll work for you. No matter if you’ve brand new to through work or you’ve been at it for decades! No matter if you're dealing with money woes, an overwhelmed mind, or trying to change your life on every level. It’s always one thought at a time, and you can deal with that my friend. I would love to help you see that. My current clients are literally rewiring their own minds, experiencing the beautiful effects and results from this courageous work: kinder bedtimes, higher salary, less hours at work, deepening spouse relationships after months (even years) of “efforting”, honest boundaries, clear communication with their own clients, reconnecting with life purpose! And these are just a few examples, and doesn;t include the general feeling of being less stressed and taken over by their thoughts. You know what’s written on your heart, what you’d like to see in your life, Self Kindness coaching is the clear, loving pathway there.

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